Building Confidence

Counseling & Psychotherapy:
Building Confidence and Living From Your True Self

If you are struggling with  a lack of confidence in yourself, let me encourage you to think about how your life might be different when that is able to change.  You may have a difficult time speaking up for yourself in a relationship, or at work. This can keep you from reaching your full potential, and leave you feeling discouraged much of the time.

The essence of feeling confident is self-knowledge, and appreciation of your True Self. When you know yourself very well and can accurately assess your strengths and your weaknesses, you are living in the truth, and the truth is the strongest position to stand in. You can come to accept that we all have weak areas in our personalities and characters, and we can come to terms with this, and make peace with it. You can also come to truly value the strengths that you have, and see them as gifts. You will know that you can lead with your gifts and your strengths, and fully realize that you have a valuable place in this world.

While this may seem like something of an abstraction, it is actually one of the most powerful and healthy ways to be as a strong person and live successfully in the world. I would be happy to talk with you about how you can find and develop your True Self, and experience the great sense of confidence that comes with it. Coming from this position, you will find that you have greater success in your work life, and greater satisfaction in your personal life. It's the big picture aspect of your life.  In my psychotherapy practice, I seek to give clients the experience of full acceptance, and the freedom to be who they tuly are.

I am very open minded and free spirited myself, and hope to demonstrate to my clients how to approach the world with curiosity and wonder, and maybe even something of a gypsy spirit. Living and working in Orange County, we all know how seriously we have to take our responsibilities. But adding in just a little bit of wonder and gypsy spirit can bring a kind of magic to life that we all really need.

"How does one become a butterfly she asked?
You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."

- Trina Paulus


Being a caterpillar is just fine. Nothing wrong with it. However, if you want to become a butterfly and experience life from a fresh and exciting perspective, then you must give up your caterpillar ways and begin a process of transformation. Few of us can make this great journey alone. Securing a guide and support system is a perfect way to set yourself up for success!

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