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Carla Naragon, LMFT
Couples Counseling & Individual Psychotherapy

I do not contract with insurance providers of any kind.

  • If you have PPO insurance and would like to submit a receipt for reimbursement I am happy to give you an insurance friendly statement you can send to your insurance carrier. If you plan to use your insurance in this way please contact them prior to our first session to clarify what your reimbursement will be and to make sure your plan covers mental health. You might be surprised at the number of clients who depend on reimbursement only to discover that they have no mental health coverage.
  • If you have an HMO you will not be reimbursed for my services. HMO's generally have a strict policy that forces the insured (you) to choose from their list of providers. I do not contract with any insurance providers, so my name will not be on a provider list.
  • Payment at the time of service: I collect my fee ($150 per 60 minute hour no copays ) at the end of our session. There are 3 ways to pay me: (1) cash (2) check and (3) credit card

Remember, how you spend your money is a reflection of what you value . Is there anything you value more than your own peace of mind, and those who are closest to you? I would urge you to remember that therapy is an investment in yourself, your relationships, and the quality of your life.

Therapy improves the quality of your life!

60 Minute session: $150.00

90 Minute session: $225.00 (Recommended For Couples)

Some of the benefits of paying out-of-pocket and not using insurance include:

  • You get a higher quality of therapy. I don't work with volume, but focus on quality. I leave enough room in my schedule to make sure I can give each client specilized attention.
  • You get to choose the therapist that's really right for you. There has been much research on this, and it's known that the most important factor in a successful therapy experience is being able to work with a therapist you really click with.
  • Your confidentiality is completely protected. Your diagnosis and treatment records are not being stored in a corporate database somewhere.
  • You and your therapist set the pace and duration of therapy. With insurance companies, there's an insurance company employee telling the therapist how often she can see you, what the scripted treatment should be, and when to stop seeing you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I would be happy to talk with you.


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