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People Holding Hands

“How doehand holding a butterflys one become a butterfly?" she asked.
You must want to fly so much that you are willing
to give up being a caterpillar.”
― Trina Paulus

Carla Naragon, M.A., LMFT37509  Specializing in Trauma Recovery, Trauma-based Depression & Anxiety.  I specialize in helping adult survivors of sexually related trauma, child abuse, and other traumatic experiences, overcome their painful past (no matter how long ago it happened).  

While it's true that we cannot undo history, it's also true that you don't have to stay stuck living in the past.   There is a path you can take to reach that beautiful light at the end of the tunnel.  If you let me, I'll help you find the strength, wisdom and courage to find it, walk it, and transform your life.

Trauma Resolution Therapy – Untreated symptoms of past trauma can seriously undermine relationships, goals, careers and scholastic studies.  My area of specialization is identifying the point of connection that links your unresolved pain from the past to your current struggles happening today.  Productive therapy can help you and your loved ones grow past the difficulties you are currently struggling with, helping you move into a better, brighter phase of your life.  

The Missing Link - Trauma is at the heart of most problems found within the individual, the couple, family, classroom and community.  When exploring the psychological core of depression, anxiety, addiction, divorce, or even sleep disorders and other social problems, we often see unresolved trauma at the heart of the problem.  That’s because  “traumatized people are not suffering from a disease in the normal sense of the word -- they have become stuck in an aroused state. It is difficult if not impossible to function normally under these circumstances.”  
― Peter A. Levine 

Book recommendation:
"Waking The Tiger, Healing Trauma" by Dr. Peter Levine



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