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Victims of Crime Counseling

Victims of Crime Counseling

Being the victim of a crime is a devastating experience that might make you feel like you've lost connection with your real life, or like the light has gone out of you.  Victims of crime often feel like they are different now, set apart from the rest of society, and experience a deep sense of alienation, possibly depression, or even shame because of what has happened to them.  I have a special place in my heart for victims of crime, and I have been working with them to overcome their unique set of difficulties for many years.  I am affiliated with the VCC (Victims of Crime Compensation program) so that the cost of your counseling may already be covered by this option provided by the state of California.  Don't let what's happened to you keep you from being in touch with your joy and living up to your full potential.  Whether you have been assaulted, or robbed, or have witnessed a violent crime, you can come to make sense of what's happened to you, get in touch with your inner strength again, and find your way back to yourself. 

To be a victim of a crime is to have your life radically altered. The world you once thought was safe, now seems dangerous. The ugly reality of crime has intruded into your normal world, and left you questioning whether you are ever safe at all. It may also make you question the goodness of human beings, knowing that they are capable of such violations against one another. It can be a hard road back to feeling safe, comfortable in your own skin, and able to go forward in the world and in your life with confidence and joy again. I take my work doing victims of crime counselling very seriously, and approach it with great tenderness and compassion. As with all forms of trauma, it's actually the talking about it that helps you leave it behind. It's also necessary to do emotional processing work around the trauma, for you to be truly and finally free of it.

I'm here to help. Take a moment to reach out and let your healing begin.

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