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Sexual Assault Counseling

Sexual Assault Counseling - Laguna Hills & South Orange County

Experiencing a sexual assault can be one of the most devestating things a person can go through.  You might be surprised to know how common this tragic experience is.  Statistics tells us that one out of four women and one out of five men will experience some kind of sexually inappropriate touch, aggression, or assault at some time in their lives.  Not to mention how common date rape has become on college campuses and beyond; so much so that they now talk about "rape culture" on college campuses.  Whether the sexual assault you experinced was a long time ago, being molested as a child, or in college, or more recent, the impact of it can shatter your sense of self.  I offer a safe place to talk about what happened to you, to make sense of it, and to be free of it once and for all.

  • Do you suffer from depression and/or anxiety as a result of being raped, molested or sexually harrassed?
  • Has your life been put on hold because you continue to relive painful past events as if they were happening right now?
  • Do you feel isolated and cut off from usual avenues of support because no one understands why you can't move forward?
  • Are you wrestling with deciding whether to tell others what happened, or just let it go?

"I've heard stories much worse than mine..."

Many people struggle with feeling as if they are not entitled to get help because what happened to them is not as bad as what happened to someone else.  There will always be a story that can be seen as worse or  not as bad as your own story.  Pain is pain, your nervous system doesn't judge, it only feels. This means that no matter what caused your pain, you can benefit from treatment.   

So the moral of the story is this:  
If it hurts, get some help.  The sooner the better.

Treatment for emotional pain:

The goal of treatment is to integrate (digest) a painful and very personal history.  When the painful feelings caused by sexual trauma are woven into your personal story and allowed to exist, they paradoxically fade into the background of your life where they belong. Imagine the information gained from the event without the trauma of it still festering inside of you, and that’s what healing looks like.  A good analogy would be a cut that was very painful at first, but then turned into a scar that is eventually forgotten.  It may still exist, but you don't notice it much anymore. 

Please contact me with any questions you might have.  I'm here to help you begin your process of healing.


  • Recover
  • Regain stength
  • Return to being you  
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