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Depression Counseling

Depression Counseling - Laguna Hills & South Orange County

Depression is one of the most common issues of our time, and in my therapy work, I seek to bring my philosophy of compassion to bear on this difficult condition.  There are many aspects to depression, many different kinds of depression, and a wide range of experiences for people with depression, and each client will need to be treated with their own unique approach.  One cause of depression much more common than realized, is underlying history of trauma.  Working with the underlying trauma, as I do, can lead to significant and lasting improvement of depression, without medication. 

Please check out this article about the connection between trauma and depression.  The author, Cynthia Lubow, discusses some of the most important aspects of the connection between trauma and depression, and how counseling and psychotherapy for trauma and depression can change one's life for the better.

Trauma as a Seed of Depression

Cynthia writes:  "In my practice, people trace
depression back to trauma most of the time. Emotional trauma is an overwhelming shock to a person’s equilibrium. Trauma might be linked to an emotional, physical, or sexual attack or witnessing such an attack. War, rape, murder, accidents, and even well-intentioned medical procedures might all lead to trauma. So can single or repeated incidents of shaming and other emotional and verbal attacks. Trauma can also happen when heartbreaking losses of any kind occur."


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