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Anger Management

Anger Management

The essence of my anger management work is teaching and training my clients in Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a specific concept and practice that is becoming more and more well known. With its origins in Buddhist practice, it has been embraced by Western culture because of it's great ability to transform our thinking, emotions, experiences, and actions.

Anger, or any intense emotional reaction, can explode suddenly when we encounter something that triggers it.  Some of us are more emotional by nature, and some of us have more built in triggers than others. In order to gain mastery over our anger we need to construct another layer of thinking that allows us to pause between the trigger and the angry reaction. In learning the practice of mindfulness you are actually constructing additional, new neural networks in the brain, that serve as a better cushion for our emotions and our interactions with the world and with other people. Mindfulness is a necessary skill for successful relationships, if you are naturally more prone to anger.

In our work together I will teach you how to think about your thoughts, and how to observe your feelings, as if from a distance. You will learn how to develop the ability to immediately pause when hit by an anger trigger, and breathe your way through it, utilizing wiser self talk, and then come back with an appropriate response, rather than an angry reaction. It will take some time to understand this practice, and it will take some time with me coaching you to develop this skill, but once you have achieved it, you will reap the benefits in many ways. Not the least of which will be that you will feel a much greater sense of personal well-being.  And when you are happier and healthier, so are those that are close to you. 

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